Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ahmadiyah, Hizbut Tahrir

A contributor had contrasted the aims and methods of the Ahmadiyya community and the Hizbut Tahrir organisation. The Ahmadiyya had a caliph but had no territorial or political ambitions, they preached ‘love for all; hatred for none’. The Hizbut Tahrir wanted to establish a political caliphate and usurp existing governments. They hated democracy, the West and Jews. Strangely the Indonesian government were more worried about Ahmadiyya who didn’t want to overthrow anybody than Hizbut Tahrir who would take over the state. The author compared the methods of Hizbut Tahrir with those of Lenin.

An excellent article and I think it is time that the people of Indonesia became more aware of the divisive forces that seek to destroy the nation and undermine its very foundation: Unity in Diversity and Pancasila.
Although great cruelties arose under Stalin from his, and Lenin's, usurping of the theories of Marx and Engels; I think it more accurate to describe the actions and ideas of Hizbut-Tahrir and their ilk as nearer to Nazism and Fascism.
They wish to burn and ban books: so did Hitler. They wish to scapegoat minorities, such as Ahmadis, and to eliminate them: so did Hitler. Their thugs destroy places of worship and take over the property of the Ahmadis and drive them from their homes. So did Hitler with the Jews.
From all accounts the world is about to plunge into recession. The USA is in trouble because of its financial institutions. When the USA sneezes the rest of the world gets sick. No one can predict the extent of the postulated financial downturn. We must all hope and pray that it is just a cold and not a life threatening fever.
We should remember the conditions that prevailed in the 1930s following the Wall Street crash of 1929 that gave rise to the appeal of the Nuremburg rallies and the storm troopers. The appeal of the murderous fanatics now acting in the name of, and defiling, Islam is exactly the same. It is the same road that led to the concentration camps, gas chambers, world conflict and even to the atom bomb.
We do not want to destroy the spirit of Indonesia, the hope and dreams of the founding heroes who sacrificed so much. We do not want gas chambers on this precious soil. We must wake up to the danger now and deny the fascists another chance of plunging the world into darkness.[1]
Rafiq Mahmood
Bogor, West Java